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$3.68 0 (1 M Kinah)
About This Game

Aion Online is also known as Tower of Eternity, it is a MORPG with wonderful visual impact, a particular world of fantasy, amazing environments, and popular imagery. You take an important role in the fate of Atreia, where opponent is both an ancient evil and the other player part, and flying plays a brand new role. Atreia was just a single world formed around Aion in the beginning. Due to the first inhabitants of Atreia, the Balaur, the "Draconic" race becomes stronger and overbearing. They revolted Aion and get into a menace against Atreia. As a result, aion online assigned 12 Gods to the world to defense the Balaur and guard the Tower of Eternity. But after a long war the world was collapsed and no one won the war.

The Tower of Eternity was smashed by a sudden explosion and the Balaur were forced from Simabandha, Atreia was divided into 2 worlds that can’t understand each other. You should gather aion gold. These 2 worlds become the "Demonic" realm, Asmodae, and the "Angelic" realm, Elysea. They were tapped in a painful compete to hit the other side. In the lengthy battle the Balaur is a threat to the two races and it makes a cause to lengthen the struggle of the Balaur, Asmodians, and Elyos. We offer aion gold coin for players.

Now gamers who were born as human in the Asmodian or Elyos realm can certify that they’re the selected ones to be a Daeva. They complete their task as advocate and protector for the adorable higher Gods and guard citizens who support them. You can find aion cd key for help. Last, their purpose is to be the best God and their mission is to protect the world by defeating those who want to destroy their world.

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