• EU-Cerberus
  • EU-Lich
  • EU-Moogle
  • EU-Odin
  • EU-Phoenix
  • EU-Ragnarok (LEGACY)
  • EU-Shiva
  • EU-Zodiark
  • JP-Aegis (LEGACY)
  • JP-Alexander
  • JP-Anima
  • JP-Asura
  • JP-Atomos
  • JP-Bahamut
  • JP-Belias
  • JP-Carbuncle
  • JP-Chocobo
  • JP-Durandal (LEGACY)
  • JP-Fenrir
  • JP-Garuda
  • JP-Gungnir (LEGACY)
  • JP-Hades
  • JP-Ixion
  • JP-Kujata
  • JP-Mandragora
  • JP-Masamune (LEGACY)
  • JP-Pandaemonium
  • JP-Ramuh
  • JP-Ridill (LEGACY)
  • JP-Shinryu
  • JP-Tiamat
  • JP-Titan
  • JP-Tonberry
  • JP-Typhon
  • JP-Ultima
  • JP-Unicorn
  • JP-Valefor
  • JP-Yojimbo
  • JP-Zeromus
  • NA-Adamantoise
  • NA-Balmung (LEGACY)
  • NA-Behemoth
  • NA-Brynhildr
  • NA-Cactuar
  • NA-Coeurl
  • NA-Diabolos
  • NA-Excalibur (LEGACY)
  • NA-Exodus
  • NA-Faerie
  • NA-Famfrit
  • NA-Gilgamesh
  • NA-Goblin
  • NA-Hyperion (LEGACY)
  • NA-Jenova
  • NA-Lamia
  • NA-Leviathan
  • NA-Malboro
  • NA-Mateus
  • NA-Midgardsormr
  • NA-Sargatanas (LEGACY)
  • NA-Siren
  • NA-Twintania
  • NA-Ultros
  • NA-Zalera

we will send the product via in game mail as an attachment to your character. Afterwards you can take the product out of the mail from any desired mailbox.

$14.98 0 (10,000 +500 K Gil)
About This Game

Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth game in the Final Fantasy series to be a MMORPG like Vindictus. It was released by Square Enix and available four different languages: German, French, English and Japanese. Final Fantasy XIV happens in the fictional land of Eorzea, an apocalyptic event foreshadowed by the descent and potential effect of the lesser moon Dalamud before the Seventh Umbral Era.

Gamers customize and build avatars that join into the events nearby the upcoming invasion by the Garlean Empire and it referred to Dalamud's descent and final fantasy xiv guide. The different regions of Eorzea rebuild their Grand Companies and become an alliance to get ready for the war with the Empire.Similar as many other online game in the genre, final fantasy 14 online also needs a subscription to play which is finished through the Square Enix Account Management System.

Once you have created and customized your character then it is time to choose from different pre- selected choices containing job type, facial features, gender, and race. You can choose a name for your character and server to play on, they’re listed into Final Fantasy XIV world where they are free to share in the game’s story and Ff14 gameplay. You can finish quests and tasks, fight against different monsters, search the landscape, and interact with others. Different from other Final Fantasy games, in Ff XIV, you might decide to play in first-or third- person view.

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