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we will send the product via in game mail as an attachment to your character. Afterwards you can take the product out of the mail from any desired mailbox.

$7.76 0 (200 +10 Gold)
About This Game
Riders of Icaruis is a fun mythical MMORPG where players can battle in the skies from WeMade Entertainment.

In Riders of Icarus, players will explore a vast, majestic and ever-expanding world where they can collect and train hundreds of different wild beasts, taming them to become rideable mounts with unique special abilities.

As a legendary Rider, with renowned combat abilities, players will coordinate with other heroes both in the air and on the ground to engage in theatrical boss battles utilizing the game’s frenetic action-oriented melee combo system. With hundreds of ground and aerial mounts to collect, the sky is no longer the limit for the Riders of Icarus, who fight to protect mankind from an ancient invading evil.
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