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You need list item in market and please make sure that your price of the item is unique on Market. But please note that the total silver amount you set for item on Market must be nearly with your order. You will get less silver due to the Market Trading Fee ( 10% Market fee for taken account / 30% Market fee for free account ). For TOS, we can find the item on Market only in 30-120 minutes after you list it and it will take 48 hours for you to receive your Silver after we bought your item on Market.
$7.80 0 (2,000 +100 K Silver)
About This Game
Blessed by the Goddess Laima,the capital of the kingdom was a symbol of prosperity.Under the reign of wise kings and with the blessings of serveral Goddesses,happiness filled the lives of people. Godess Zemyna,the goddess of earth blessed the land for good harvest every year.Goddess Gabija,the goddess of fire.taught people how to use fire for comforable homes and warm food.Goddess Vakarine's stars helped travellers navigate and Goddess Ausrine guided souls to rest in peace.The Goddesses were always with the people. However,the prayers have begun to be left unanswered.At first,people did not take the seriously,believing the Goddesses would soon return.But this may have been the warning. The Divine Tree suddenly emerged from the center of the capital and started to ravage the kingdom.Its enormous size destroyed the capital before anything could be done and many shed tears for the loss of their loved ones.People start fleeing,but the disaster was not something easily avoidable. From Tree of Savior Office website :
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