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About This Game

Metin2 is a MMORPG packed with great features containing quests, guild battles and nation wars. Metin2 is developed by Ymir Entertainment Co., Ltd. and released in Korea in 2004. Metin 2 yang is the currency of this game. Long ago there was just one empire in the continent. The land is peaceful and quiet and people didn’t aware that the deadly diseases were spread around their land. The inculpable people suffered as these who were slay by these monsters or die by disease later rose again as undead, the undead leaded destruction and chaos with incessant numbers. You will enjoy dark metin2. Their indefatigable existence looked like this issue was not going to go away. Ultimately the unique empire crashed and turned into 3 kingdoms that all battle for their own survival. Now they still consider each other as foes.

There are four different classes in metin2 for players to choose from, they are: Sura, Ninja, Shaman, and Warrior. Each of the class has subclasses in which you could specialize in, and each class with two trees. The gameplay system of metin2 much like these used in other MMO games. Experience points are made each time the gamer slays a mob or accomplishes a task from an NPC. Only metin2 combat is on the basis of a slash and Hack system, gamer attacks the space key every time he wants the character to strike.

PvP metin2 guide is available as your character gets level 15. There are four paths to fight others. The first method is to challenge a gamer to a duel just by right-clicking the foe and choosing the "Duel" choice. The second method is to battle one from other kingdom. The third is to activate the "free" choice which you can find under the Metin2 play menu and you can gather metin2 gold. The fourth is to request a duel in a certain duel map which is accessible by the spy in the second town map

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