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About This Game
Dofus is a cartoony 2D Flash-based fantasy MMORPG with turn based combat developed by Ankama Studios and fighting maybe something like Final Fantasy XIV. Announced as a tactical game which is set in the lands of Amakna where gamers try to look for and gather Dofus(dofus gold), Dofus gives their owners amazing powers. Gamers need to complete quests to look for the Dofus through 200 levels. All the while mastering Professions, battling opponents, exploring dungeons, learning spells, and etc.

Dofus also gives a free-to-play trial zone. The battles in the game happen in an instanced battleground, whereby the monsters and gamers take turns walking around on a tactical grid. Currently Dofus has 15 character classes available, each of them has different attribute affinities and skill list. But individual skills can make a character build once it has leveled up. Dofus game has no skill trees. Every skill gets a mini level but without other prerequisites.

When it comes to the dofus kamas and economy of Dofus, in the past at the start of the game, you are not start to look for any gears as drops from opponents, and just several basic items are sold in the NPC shops. All opponents drop all kinds of things that can be applied to craft, the tandard collecting professions are playable for gaining ore, grain or wood. After being crafted, an item can be 'maged' which gives the chance for the craftsman to change the stats, and it contains adding stats rare found on the item, or increasing stats exceed what could generally be gained. In all, Dofus is not a very seriously game, you can start it and enjoy it! For more dofus guideand dofus gameplay, please visit our site.
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