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About This Game
Silkroad is a 3D historical fantasy MMORPG from Joymax on the basis of famous Chinese Silk Road history. Silkroad does not need periodic subscription fee, while gamers can buy premium items and silkroad gold to accelerate or customize silkroad gameplay.It has a famous "Triangular Conflict System" in which characters can choose one of three jobs, thief, hunter, or trader to take on each other in PvP combat. Traders accomplish trade runs which grants experience to boost their trader level.

Hunters slay thieves gaining experience to level up. Thieves assault traders who are guarded by hunters. Thieves slay hunters and traders to level up and they steal items dropped by traders to exchange for experience and gold.Silkroad game just give little in the aspect of character customization, there are merely 2 races available: European and Asian but with the ability to get more than 13 various classes. You can start out the game by picking an armor type and weapon, and customize your character to your preference.

Afterwards select mastery with a pre-determined set of abilities, spells and skills. the PvP/Profession system in Silkroad is innovative and unique so PvP fans can join in some different kinds of PvP combat. the genre for New players may difficult due to lack of limited gameplay  traits and silkroad guide. Skillful players may consider Silkroad as a quite rewarding (silkroad online gold) and fantastic game with its excellent class system and skill advancement.
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