How did i make gold in runescape

Runescape this game is my play after WOW's large game, in the game can do a lot of things. Usually I am also relatively idle, so often runescape game play, today I want to tell you how I am in the runescape make money!

We all know, runescape there are a lot of game career, there is a mining career, the collection of minerals in the game, the use of these minerals a lot, here is not described in detail.I first bought 20 runescape accounts, and then I set up a script, this script can be fixed so that my account automatically mining. Every day I put these ores can handle a lot of Runescape gold.

In addition, I bought two runescape account, hired two employees, so that they go to the stalls on the theft, from the trading stalls, NPC stealing things, luck enough to harvest a day is also good.Other, I also have some employees to hire, to specifically raise the career level of runescape, manufactured out of equipment and then to sell, and soon I will be able to get a lot of Runescape gold.The method is very simple, the simple one thing, do it every day, as in the factory assembly line, if you also need Runescape gold can come Find me.