Perfect World is a great Windows-based game

Released in China in 2005 , the Perfect Goldclassic Compare Gold is one of the longest running MMORPGs. Even after so many years, the game is still one of the most played online RPGs in the world. His survival in the world of video games is the result of several updates and expansions that came in the form of other titles.

Perfect World is a great Windows-based game that tries to lure amateur players into well-constructed MMORPG stories to buy PW Coins. It creates an extremely well thought out alternative universe. Be sure to download Perfect World from Level Up.

It all begins with the great god Pan Gu who, 18,000 years ago, created the universe with a blow of an ax. After the body of Pan Gu appeared the Sun and the Moon, the sea, the stars and the minerals. Finally, living beings, who are direct descendants of the omnipotent creator of all that exists.