The secret world of five unique elements

Played for a week the secret world gave me the feeling is two words: horror! The secret world is a very unique online games, producers Funcom addition to the choice of "terror" this alternative theme, but also in the game by adding a lot of interesting elements, these elements make the game becomes very innovative, but also attracted to the A lot of players, let us come to the next one to explain these elements.

Element 1: Real World Background!

The secret world is the real world as the background, the player is not in the illusory Azeroth continent adventure, but in a real scene in the battle, in the game we can see a lot of familiar cities, such as London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, etc., there are a lot of people know the location, such as Stonehenge, the Forbidden City, Pyramid, etc., in these places adventure, fighting, naturally there will be a strong sense of substitution, easier to join the game Of the atmosphere, and this real world set in the current online games are also rare, it is easy for players to feel fresh, this set for the game to lay a good tone, but also to other elements of the game Reasonable.

Element 2: No rank system

With the development of online games, it itself is also producing a wide range of changes, more and more fresh elements were introduced, no grade is the recent comparison of a new element of fashion. Rather than no level, it is better to say that the level of this set of fuzzy, the game is still "upgrade" this element exists.

Players beat the monster, complete the task can get a lot of experience, the upgrade speed quickly. The biggest advantage of upgrading is to increase the value of people's life and access to skills.

Element 3: Unique task pattern

In the way of completion of the task, the game joined the avg game puzzle elements, the game does not require players to kill a lot of strange, but need to find clues to solve the puzzle.

Element 4: Good game atmosphere

For a game of horror as a selling point, in addition to the visual creation, the atmosphere is also very important to create, one into the game, you can feel the kind of mysterious atmosphere, like into the darkness of the everyday world, like The beginning of the dragon teach, there is a mysterious butterfly to lead the player to a humble building, open the story behind. And the first mission area kingsmouth, this is a beautiful British town, but because of the mysterious fog and the dead into zombies and monsters, only the police and the church safe and sound, players wandering in the town, Will be found everywhere has been occupied by zombies, accidentally will be caught in the encirclement, and resistance to the police station around the police has been a masterpiece, survivors keep the post and rushed over the zombie fighting, so exciting to create such a sense of tension Come out, in such an atmosphere, do not want to put it hard it

Element 5: Skill System

In the game each player can carry seven active skills and seven passive skills, which is Europe and the United States recently popular skills set the way, more test the player's ability to match. Skills are divided into three items, short-range, remote and magic, each has three small items, short-range and remote items are weapons skills, and magic is a small item of three different types of different functions magic.